Kids Learning Chinese Tablet Broken & Repair

1 minute read

Another night of recycling room adventure, this time I found what appears to be a dead tablet for kids. Took it back home and connected to a MiniUSB charger, It turned ON and left it for good 1 hour for it to charge. However, it seems that the battery cannot hold charge anymore so I grabbed my tools and got to work.

I hate this kind of design where a screw hole is too deep for your typical tool to go in. I dont have a long and thin screwdriver but I have a drill! I made the hole bigger, big enough for one of my tool to go in. I ended up breaking the screwhole, but I didnt care because there 8+ other screw that will hold the 2 pieces together.

Once I’m in, I discovered that it uses 2x 18650 and I had plenty of spares salvaged from other dead devices.

Replaced it and re-used its battery connector, then I used duck tape to secure the connector to the each end of the battery.

Here’s the inside look of the motherboard, screen, and else.

Connected a charger before I screw the tablet back together. Voila. it’s alive and charging!

Well, another thing saved from going to the landfill. If only the maker of these kind of devices allow end customer to replace their own battery, 18650 are commonly available and can be purchased cheaply. I can understand the reason of locking the tablet down (child safety) but you can use battery door with 4 screws instead. How’s that for an idea?

Anyway, now my kids and I can learn a bit of chinese thanks to this tablet!