Gameboy Adavance Repair Part 2

less than 1 minute read

The ordered parts have finally arrived all the way from China.

These are the LCD Upgrade components

The power transformer part has also arrived, I removed the broken one and soldered the new one in. I immediately installed batteries to see if I can see any lights or sounds. I was thrilled that I can see the green power light remained ON and I can hear the boot up sounds. It’s a win!

Next, installing the LCD. Sorry I didnt capture enough photos to show the step by step. However it is pretty easy to install and there’s some video guide on youtube

Finally after putting all the buttons and screws in, turned it on and I was so happy to see that it’s working. The color is vibrant with different level of adjustable brightness.

My daughters couldnt help but to try out the only game cartridge I have. Dalmatians 102!

In my honest opinion, the size of gameboy advance is perfect for tiny hands. Now it is in color and backlit!