Learning by Fixing

less than 1 minute read

Recently, our dishwasher detergent door broke and making the whole dishwasher unusable, the clip that holds the detergent door became loose.

I tried looking for manuals but I can only managed to find user manuals which is not helping. I watched few youtube videos to understand how it supposed to work, it helped a bit.

So I got my tools out and started disassembling some screws and striped it to bare minimum. Upon opening, I found all the loose parts to put it back together. Now I can see the detergent component

Eventhough I have found all the loose parts, I have no idea how I meant to dissamble it back together. I put it back together like below and did a test, it didnt work and it’s obvious I put together incorrectly.

I searched the interenet for reference image to duplicate the setup and found the exact model. BINGO!

The weight thingy meant to be inside a cylinder tube, so I rearranged it and it works!!!

This is my first time ever fixing a dishwasher :) and I am very pleased!